SYSPRO Company Profile

Established in 1978, SYSPRO® is a vendor of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that offers a solution-focused application to mid-market manufacturers and distributors. Operating in over 60 countries, SYSPRO® has earned the trust of thousands of companies across a broad range of industry sectors including food and beverage, medical devices, automotive, electronics, and machinery and equipment.  SYSPRO® remains an industry leader by listening to the needs of customers, anticipating industry and technology trends, and continuously evolving the software’s functionalities based upon these needs and trends. SYSPRO’s commitment to technical evolution is one reason SYSPRO’s customer retention rate is among the highest of any ERP provider.  A privately held company, SYSPRO® has offices in Australia, Canada, Singapore, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Below are some highlights of the SYSPRO® Program:

  • SQL server/.NET
  • Flexible client deployment
  • Multi-company/multi-division
  • Multi-language, multi-currency
  • GAAP and IFRS reporting
  • GL/AP/AR
  • Quoting, estimating, and order entry
  • Purchasing and inventory
  • Make, buy and transfer planning
  • Integrated sales and CRM
  • Dashboard reporting
  • Mobility (phones, tablets, and handhelds)

The SYSPRO® Solution

 SYSPRO’s® fully-integrated business software and services provide complete control over the planning and management of all facets of business, including manufacturing, distribution and accounting operations across a range of industry sectors. The software’s modular approach allows companies to define how best to use SYSPRO® technology to meet their exact requirements, and license only those components they need. This ‘buy what you need when you need it’ philosophy enables customers to add on to the core solution as and when the need arises, whether this is for additional functions, or additional users. The entire SYSPRO® product is a single-source solution, needing only one application, SYSPRO®, to manage all business processes. This ensures that the underlying structures and processes remain intact over the long term making it easy for employees to learn new features and functionality as the product grows, progresses and is enhanced. Product upgrades are delivered in a gradual controlled manner to ensure our customers are on the latest version and deriving real value over the long term. In line with SYSPRO’s development strategy of customer-driven improvement the latest release,
SYSPRO® 7, provides greater business value without significant cost and disruption, through extended scalability, mobility, simpler business interactions and performance, and streamlined business processes.

Industry Sectors

SYSPRO® software and services are optimized for the following sectors:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive components and accessories
  • Chemicals and fertilizers
  • Construction
  • Consumer durables
  • Electronics
  • Food and beverage
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Medical devices
  • Metal fabrication
  • Mining
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Plastics and rubber
  • Wholesale suppliers and distributors

Technology standards supported

SYSPRO® is compatible with the following technical and financial standards:

  • Microsoft .NET framework and ASP.NET
  • SQL database format
  • XBRL business reporting language
  • XML and COM programming standards
  • XLST and CSS presentation formats
  • WAPI, MAPI, TAPI speech application protocols
  • WCF communication – Windows Communication Foundation
  • FASB and GAPP accounting standards
  • HTML5

Languages and currencies supported

SYSPRO® supports English, Chinese, Spanish, Russian and French. It has built–in functionality to configure multiple language                    templates based on user requirements. Currencies are user–defined.

  • Microsoft® Gold Application Development Partner
  • TechEval certifications 2012:
    • ERP for Manufacturing (SMB)
    • ERP for Discrete Manufacturing
    • ERP for Mixed-mode Manufacturing
    • ERP for Process Manufacturing