Purchasing PTS Epicor® Services

Here at Practical Technology Solutions, our goal is to provide you with expert services, consulting, and knowledge. Whether it’s on the phone, in person, or through a remote session, each interaction with a PTS member will be fast and friendly. We’ve been developing custom solutions for clients since 1997.

For Epicor® services our pricing is as follows:

  • billing rate of $119/hour + travel expenses

For our Epicor® customers only we’re able to offer a pre-payment option that saves you time and money.

Pre-payment provides:

  • heavily discounted bulk rates. Up to 25% off our hourly rate with pre-payment options
  • Select the best option for your business as shown below in the drop down – remember the more hours purchased, the bigger the discount!
  • Your purchase is secure via PayPal.

Pre-purchasing service hours is like having an expert in your office to ask questions, upgrade, or troubleshoot your system without the added overhead to your bottom line.

Please contact our finance manager at (419) 557-2225 should you have any questions regarding your payment/invoice.

Purchase SYSPRO® or Macola® Services

Please contact us online for rate information or call our finance manager at (419) 557-2225.

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“We don’t have a traditional IT department…… I’ve worked with a few different consultants over the last 3 years, after I found Practical Technical Solutions (An independent professional services provider), I will always go to them first with a need. They got to my projects in short order, knew exactly what I was talking about most of the time and if they didn’t, it was easy to explain to them what I needed. The rate is better and the work is more efficient than I have found elsewhere. I would highly recommend PTS (An independent professional services provider) to anyone using Epicor®.”

— Dudek & Bock

“We have used PTS for several of our Epicor® needs.  They have helped with our Epicor® implementation through training of our staff.  They have also helped with more technical aspects such as helping us set-up a secondary application server.  I have found PTS to be extremely knowledgeable and professional, and quick to help when needed.”

— Seymour Tubing Inc.

“The other service we used from PTS was a training session that lasted a few days on site. We used one of their trainers, Jeremy, who was very talented in Epicor® but also had a naturally good communication style about him. He taught a few of our people the basics of writing Crystal Reports out of Epicor®. We plan on using PTS as a resource in Epicor® as we move forward.”

— Precision Marshall Steel Company

“General Formulations is a mid-sized manufacturing company currently using Epicor for our manufacturing system. We have used PTS for a number of tasks including custom SSRS reports, custom dashboards, BPM’s, and Go Live Support. I have found PTS knowledgeable, talented and extremely capable in the work that they have done for our company. I have worked with Jim, Sam, Jarrad, and Glenn and found them all to be consummate professionals with great attitude and ability. I can recommend PTS with the greatest confidence to anyone looking for top-notch help in implementation and customization of Epicor.”

— General Formulations

“So far Jim and a group from PTS have come in to do a CRP/training session for two days that was extremely helpful. They have also developed and installed a customized program to assist in automated Order Entry and processing, shipment entry and processing, and have developed customized SSRS reports. They have always addressed our concerns in a timely manner, and are very conscientious about costs, and very detailed in their work. 

I definitely recommend PTS as a partner for Epicor technical services and continue to use them. I only wish I had found them sooner. I will continue to go to them for enhancements, training and consulting as there is no doubt they will help us maximize our investment and minimize our time spent implementing various Epicor solutions.” 

— Unique Sports Products, Inc.