Sage® X3 Hosting by PracticalTek

Sage® X3 Hosting from PracticalTek (an authorized Sage® X3 partner) lets you run your Sage® X3 ERP process on our high-speed and high powered servers specifically configured for optimal Sage® X3 performance.
Our Sage® X3 Hosting allows for always updated hard and software without the need for an in-house IT team as well as helping your company budget by avoiding the cost of pricey hardware upgrades.
PracticalTek (an authorized Sage® X3 partner) offers you fast, secure, and flexible hosting options with access to the applications that you need.

Why should I choose PracticalTek Sage® X3 Hosting?

When you choose PracticalTek (an authorized Sage® X3 partner) Sage® X3 Hosting to host your Sage X3® ERP solution you can be sure your software and data is safe and secure and handled by the best trained system administrators to provide you with optimal performance, reliability, and eliminate down time.
Our Sage® X3 Hosting options also offer an automated data backup and recovery plan to help keep your organization secure with redundant backups.

Our Sage® X3 Hosting Advantages

Your Sage® X3 process are essential to the smooth running  of your company and businesses can’t afford for their Sage® X3 ERP process to fail, have safety risks, or to perform poorly.

That is where our Sage® X3 Hosting comes in. We offer:

  • Service Level Agreement & Support Stage Agreements (SLAs) Guaranteeing >99.5% uptime
  • An educated and committed staff of professionals that are knowledgeable in the design, implementation, and functionality of Sage® X3 ERP
  • 24/7 support from trained and experienced experts
  • The flexibility of having a hosting plan that grows along with your organization
  • Proven backup and disaster recovery data tools
  • No need to update or correct your current hardware
  • Unlimited Hosting Data Storage