Changing the default Epicor® Sort Order

Have you ever wondered why when you do a search in Part Maintenance that you get results which precede the desired search criteria? For example, we have Parts which start with “RM”. We use the Starting At: filter and look for Parts that Start with RMA This will return parts which precede A We have […]

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Epicor® SSO (Single Sign On)

A great feature that was built into Epicor® version 10.1 is the ability to use Automatic Sign On. Automatic sign on is similar to Single Sign on which uses your windows domain accounts to login to Epicor®, but with Epicor® Automatic Sign On, it uses your Epicor® ID and password. Epicor® Auto Sign On behaves […]

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Enterprise Search

Epicor® Enterprise Search for Epicor®10 and Epicor® 9 is a search tool very similar to web search engines like Google.  Since most of us have used internet search engines in the past, looking up data in your ERP system will be second nature with Enterprise Search.  Enterprise Search indexes your Epicor® database and returns data based on […]

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Epicor® 10 Performance

We’ve been developing on Epicor® 9 for quite some time, and we’ve developed on Epicor® 10 since it was released. If you and your company have stood on the fence in regards to upgrading to Epicor®10 then you should know this. If you’re looking for speed, Epicor® 10 has it. E10 is absolutely noticeably faster […]

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Changing the System Wide Sort Settings in Epicor® 10

Did you know you can change the sort settings in Epicor® 10 for any of the search boxes? E10 has two different sorting options you can use system wide. These options are String Sort and Word Sort. String Sort is the Epicor® default, and for this sort, all characters are given an equal “weight” for […]

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