As an Epicor® Independent professional services provider and an authorized Sage® partner the PracticalTek team is committed to providing the highest quality of services & support to companies that use Epicor® or Sage® X3 Software. Our focus and skill set covers: Sales, Implementations, Training, Upgrades, Development, Consulting, Support, Help Desk and System Administration. We support the following software versions: Epicor® ERP, Epicor® Vista, Epicor® Vantage, Epicor® 9, Epicor® 10/.1/.2/.3, Epicor® Kinetic, Epicor® Avante, Epicor® Enterprise and Epicor® Prophet 21. And Sage® X3 Software.

World Class Epicor® Services & Sage X3 Services

PracticalTek Leadership Team

PracticalTek is an independent provider of professional Epicor® Services consisting of: New Implementations, Training, Upgrades, Development, Epicor® Consulting, Support, Help Desk and System Administration for companies with any of the following software versions: Epicor® Kinetic, Epicor® ERP, Epicor® Vista, Epicor® Vantage, Epicor® 9, Epicor® 10/.1/.2/.3, Epicor® Avante, Epicor® Enterprise and Epicor® Prophet 21.

The PracticalTek Leadership Team spearheads the talented team of consultants here at PracticalTek and are committed to ensuring that all PracticalTek clients receive the absolute highest level of service.

PracticalTek is also an authorized Sage® X3 partner that provides award-winning business and information systems consulting solutions for Sage® X3 as well as Sage® X3 Development, Training, Upgrades/Installs and Sage® X3 Hosting.

Jim Chance CRX Scaled

Jim Chance

Independent Epicor consultant/contractor/developer/implementer/system administrator & owner of PracticalTek, LLC. Jim founded PracticalTek in 1997 & has since provided services to over 500+ clients including over 5000 application/business solutions along with 45++ new Epicor® installations & upgrades. PracticalTek is a provider of professional IT services specializing for companies using Epicor® and Sage® X3 ERP systems.

Dena PracticalTek CRX Scaled
VP and Senior Epicor Financial Consultant

Dena Chance

Dena joined PracticalTek Ltd. in 2014 and is one of our Senior Epicor® Financial Consultants. She is also the PracticalTek Finance Manager and is responsible for all financial aspects of the company. Dena is proud to say she is a graduate of our local Ashland University, here in Ashland Ohio. She has worked in the field of Finance for over 30 years. Her experience as both a user and manager has given her the insight needed to work with our customers at different training levels. 

Jeremy Chance Scaled
Manager of Development and PracticalTek Operations

Jeremy Chance

Jeremy joined PracticalTek, Ltd. in 2011 and is now the manager of development and operations. He loves delivering the best possible solutions to our customers. He started his career in the ERP field through report writing. Over the years, he has grown to not only leading a team of developers, but he also produces high-end Customizations, Product Configurations, and Service Connect solutions.

PracticalTek is an Independent provider of Epicor® professional services and a Sage® X3 Partner