4 Common Industry Epicor® Applications

Epicor® has grown beyond a simple ERP solution for small businesses and manufacturers. Today, it serves a variety of industries with specialized and customizable applications built for businesses just like yours. Here is a quick look at four different industries and application types from Epicor® that PracticalTek can help you install, integrate and use to save.

Epicor® Applications for Manufacturing

Epicor® currently has a significant present in the manufacturing market as many Epicor® applications are designed specifically to manage the processes, assets and supply chain at the heart of a manufacturing business.

Epicor® ERP features an embedded performance management toolkit that’s built specifically for manufacturers with a set of business intelligence tools, analytics and real-time visibility options that follow your operations from sourcing materials and producing goods through distribution, fulfillment, returns and customer satisfaction.

Specific to manufacturing, Epicor® offers the Manufacturing Execution System, branded as Mattec MES, that automatically collects production data and automates a variety of cycle practices and auditing requirements. You get immediate visibility into your processes for real-time alerts as well as a simple way to review your business over the long term.

Epicor® for Businesses in Retail

Retailers often turn to Epicor® solutions to help manage both the front and back houses of their operations. Epicor® for companies in retail interact with point-of-sale solutions to maintain accurate inventory levels, create insight into which products are selling most or generating the most profit, identify cross-channel selling opportunities and manage the financial side of the business.

The Epicor® Eagle N Series is a cloud-based retail management suite that’s designed to meet the unique needs of specialty goods as well as companies who serve a variety of customers, independent retailers, and regional chains. It focuses on workflow simplification, process automation, auditing tools and a dashboard that can quickly generate a wide variety of relevant reports.


Epicor® for Companies That Distribute

Distributors are becoming a larger customer segment of Epicor® for industries all over the United States. Epicor® provides functionality and products based on the customers and industries distributors serve as well as dynamic pricing and fulfillment tools distributors need.

Epicor® offers an enterprise-wide business solution that incorporates resource planning with leading pricing strategies. Distributors often test out a significant number of inventory and pricing strategies that cover everything from pre-orders and pre-staging of goods to inventory optimization based on future forecasts.

Epicor® for companies that distribute goods to others can work across distribution centers thanks to cloud and hosted solutions that can integrate with on-premise infrastructure.

Epicor® for Industries That Serve

The service industry is a constantly growing and shifting industry where financial management is a necessity. Solutions from Epicor® for businesses that provide services to others focus on streamlining financial processes based on customer industries as well as relevant legislation and governance rules.

You’ll be able to fire up a single Epicor® application and manage your general ledger, cash management, forecasting and planning, existing payroll, tax management and even your on-site lockbox records. Financial management tools must help you audit, or they end up creating an increased burden on your team.

Contact PracticalTek today. Our independent professional services can help you learn more about how Epicor® can give you the right financial tools to keep your house in order.