Epicor® SSRS Reports Development

Starting with Epicor® version 10, Epicor® began using SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) reports instead of Crystal. SSRS is a report-building platform specifically developed for Microsoft users, producing excellent reports that provide valuable business information to help improve productivity and performance. PracticalTek has experience developing and building SSRS reports for businesses in a variety of industries. Our trained Epicor® SSRS report builders can help streamline your business performance with tailored reports that meet your unique needs

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The SSRS platform gives users maximum flexibility when designing their report structures, enabling them to determine which data to include, where to get the data and how they want the data to be displayed. Epicor® SSRS then generates the reports by channeling the specified data through a retrieval system and combining it with the desired report layout. The result is a report suited specifically to your business and preferences.

Epicor® 10 SSRS Reporting Solutions

If you are an Epicor® 10 user who wants to take full advantage of the SSRS platform to enhance your business operations, PracticalTek can help. We’re an independent software services provider with an expert staff featuring more than 227+ years of combined Epicor® experience.

We’re well-versed in all areas of the Epicor® 10 software product, including its report generation capabilities. We can assist you with everything from Epicor® SSRS design and setup to modifying an out-of-the-box report to your specifications. We also have comprehensive experience with previous Epicor® versions and their reporting suites, so we can help you convert old reports into a format compatible with the new SSRS design.

Benefits of Epicor® SSRS Reporting

In previous versions of Epicor®, the system used Crystal Reports. Though practical, these reports didn’t offer the same flexibility and interactivity as Epicor® SSRS reports. Some of the main advantages SSRS offers over Crystal include:

  • Ease of Use: The SSRS system was made with Microsoft users in mind, developed to have a similar look and feel as any Microsoft Office product. This helps make it more intuitive for businesspeople familiar with the Microsoft Office suite.
  • Data Sorting: SSRS allows users to sort large amounts of data into groups with ease. In turn, this helps with reporting by allowing interactive reports to be developed more easily.
  • Unlimited Queries: Epicor® 10 outputs all reporting data into a database that is separate from your regular ERP business database. This allows users to make unlimited queries and use the full power of SQL in reports without negatively affecting business operations by slowing the rest of the database.
  • Security: Epicor® 10 SSRS reports use an access portal as a barrier to reporting functions, which is integrated with the ERP Active Directory. This means not just anyone can view, edit or design reports — they must have certain permissions to do so. These administrative rights can also be customized, so different administrators might be named for each report folder.

Convert Crystal Reports to SSRS

If you’re not quite ready to give up on Crystal reports or need to build SSRS reports from your old Crystal reports, there is a way to make it work. Simply set up your credentials by setting up a user and password setting that has access to the SQL database. Next, clean up your existing reports and convert them to a format that is compatible with Epicor® 10.

This may involve rearranging the tables or altering formulas. Next, make sure the reports are pointed to Epicor® 10 database tables and Menu Maintenance.

If you need help converting your Crystal Reports to a format Epicor® 10 can use or are interested in converting to SSRS reports entirely, all you need to do is contact PracticalTek. Our trained Epicor® SSRS report builders can convert your old reports and get you started with Epicor® 10 SSRS reporting.

Experienced Epicor® SSRS Report Developers

PracticalTek has extensive experience in creating customized Epicor® 10 SSRS reports in a wide range of styles and formats. Examples of the many types of reports we can build for your company include:

  • Bill of Materials Single-Level Cost
  • Capacity Planning by Resource Group
  • Goods Received Note
  • Job Historical Review Report Un-Suppressed Details
  • Labor Edit Report
  • Negative On-Hand Quantity
  • On-Time Delivery Performance Report Un-Suppressed
  • On-Time Delivery Performance Graph
  • Purchase Order Lines by Vendor
  • Production Hours by Project

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PracticalTek will be more than happy to work with your team to customize your ERP reporting software. All we want is to help you and your employees succeed with a system that will work with you, not against you.

Learn more about the many ways in which our Epicor® SSRS reporting services can improve your company’s operating efficiency and help you maximize your investment.

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