Product Configurator allows your customers to customize the product you specialize in selling. Want to allow custom graphics? Product Configurator is your answer. Need to allow your customer to pick the specific product type or arrangement? Product Configurator accomplishes this. If your product allows for custom purchasing, Product Configurator can tremendously help you and your customers construct the perfect customized solution. We at PTS would love to help you build the construct that makes all of this possible.

In a bind with needing to rebuild your Product Configurator solutions as you migrate to Epicor® 10? PTS has helped several customers with this.

Product Configurator can help your business through your Quoting process, Sales Order product selection and customizing, or at the Job creation stage. If your product allows for any customizing at all, PTS can help you build Product Configuration solution. We would be happy to coordinate meetings with Sales, Engineering, and Management to map out your product and its available customization selections. We typically map this out in an Excel format so that everyone can “hit the ground running” as usually everyone is familiar with Excel. PTS helps lead your team in building a comprehensive map for all of the possible selections and configurations of your product. Contact us to get started.

epicor product configurator development

Example: One of our customers specializes in sports equipment. Product Configurator can help in this area for custom made jerseys. It would allow their customers to pick the colors they want, the logo for the team, and the name and number of the player.

Q. How is this helpful for you?

A. Epicor® can accommodate your customers need to customize your product. This would be a Product Configurator solution that automatically runs in the Sales Order Entry screen. So at the time of order entry, users enter the details of the product being purchased. Product Configurator handles the specifics of BOMs and Part creation, all your users have to do is enter in the specifics of the order.

epicor product configurator customization

Interested in additional customized Epicor® solutions? We can help there too! With years of experience creating custom reports, dashboards, and much more!