Epicor® Development Support

As an independent software services provider with a combined 210 years of Epicor® implementation experience among our team members, PracticalTek can accommodate all your Epicor® development needs. We offer a wide range of value-added Epicor® development services that will allow you to maximize your visibility, business methodology, and customer satisfaction.  We strongly believe the Epicor® system should be tailored to your specific business.  This minimizes the amount of time you spend on the system, allowing you and your employees to do what you do best.

Our Epicor® development services include Customizations, Dashboards, Reports, BPMs, Product Configurator, Service Connect and much more. We are proud to provide you with expert independent Epicor® support.


Did you know that just about any program within an Epicor® software application is customizable? As expert independent Epicor® developers, we can help you take advantage of the multiple customization tools at your disposal.

A customization is virtually anything that changes or modifies a screen (or its intelligence) in Epicor. This can include something as simple as making a text box bigger, to something as advanced as a standalone application. Whether it’s simplistic in nature or advanced, we’ve got you covered, and we’ve likely built something similar before.


Epicor® dashboards provide instant visibility to the status of various aspects of your business with just a quick glance. Our Epicor® developers have built many dashboards for key business areas including, MES-scrap entry, in-process job costs, parts information, project status, on-time shipments, and parts requirements.

Our independent Epicor® development team can assist you in using the various dashboard tool-sets to create virtual tables that can combine or aggregate data for fast retrieval and display. Choose from a wide variety of graphical formats such as line charts, bar graphs and pie charts.


As an Epicor® user, you will have the capability to create numerous reports that will allow you to manage your business more efficiently than ever. PracticalTek has developed a wide assortment of SSRS® Reports for Epicor® such as Bill of Material Single-Level Cost, Capacity Planning by Resource Group and Negative On-Hand Quantity reports. We can also create Custom Epicor® Crystal Reports® pertaining to key business areas including Shipping, Material Issued to Jobs, Part Lead Times, Books to Bill and Sales Order Backlog.


Our expert Epicor® solutions also include the development of BPMs (Business Project Management). A BPM is a piece of embedded software code that can perform a host of valuable functions such as creating and defaulting fields during data entry, eliminating erroneous data being saved to the database, updating/modifying large amounts of data, creating auto-format fields and much more.  We have developed hundreds and hundreds of BPMs over the years for all versions of Epicor®.

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