Epicor® BPM Help and Assistance

One of the biggest benefits to Epicor®’s enterprise resource planning software is that it allows users to create customized business process management (BPM) functions that can help streamline your workflows, improve alerting and reporting functions and many other useful things. Creating effective Epicor® BPMs requires both knowing how to create C# code within the platform, and understanding the big-picture business processes that determine the effectiveness of a new function or requirement.

What Is a BPM?

Effectively, an BPM is a block of code inserted into the Epicor® platform that adds additional requirements or otherwise alters the way it’s used. As with any change in process or workflow, the usefulness of a BPM will be determined by whether or not it improves productivity or accountability, or is simply another piece of red tape to work around.

The challenge in creating useful Epicor® BPMs, then, is not just a technical one. It requires understanding how employees work and what will make their jobs easier. PracticalTek, LLC is an independent firm offering Epicor® consulting services that engage both sides of this equation. Not only can we create or customize bug-free BPMs, but we can also work with management to identify where additional functionality will have the most benefit.

BPMs in Action

Let’s look at some specific examples of Epicor® BPMs we have created, and how they can help you run a more effective business:

  • Purchase order entry: A purchase order entry BPM can require that any employee creating a new purchase order must input a due date or other critical information before saving. This ensures all information entered into the system is accurate and easy to locate for auditing purposes.
  • Customer shipment entry: A customer shipment entry BPM can automatically send an email or text to the customer when their purchase has been marked in the system as “shipped.” This keeps the customer informed, improving overall satisfaction and reducing the number of incoming requests for information to your help department.
  • Quote entry: A quote entry BPM can automatically display inventory information when a sales representative searches for a part. This helps your team provide better, more accurate service to valued customers, and lets them know when a surplus will allow them to offer a lower price.
  • Attachment changes: In Epicor® 10, a BPM is often the best way to make mass data changes. A recent PracticalTek customer found that, after changing their server name, existing attachments no longer worked. We created a BPM that searched through all records to find and change fields containing the old server name, saving considerable time and effort.

Ultimately, BPMs enhance the functionality and effectiveness of the Epicor® platform. Developing them requires an in-depth understanding of how the system works.

PracticalTek is a longstanding independent consulting firm with extensive experience working in all the company’s modules and applications. We can help you make the most of your existing enterprise resource planning software by developing smarter BPMs based on your business needs. To get started, call or email our office directly and request a consultation with one of our experts at 419-557-2225 or info@practicaltek.com