Epicor® Avante


Epicor® Avante is a Legacy ERP system that is starting to become less supported by more companies. PTS is one of few companies that offers support for Epicor® Avante. With the ever growing and changing Software World these systems begin to slow down and need maintenance. When this situation arises usually the solution is clear: It is time to Upgrade.

Upgrading isn’t always an option (or the right one) all the time though and that is another area where PTS can help! While PTS does provide upgrades along with Consulting, Training, Development, and many other services for Upgrades, we understand there are many factors that can help or hinder the process. We provide all of our services for those who are using Epicor® Avante systems to keep their business running successfully and efficiently until the time is right for an upgrade.



Epicor® Enterprise


Epicor® Enterprise is a powerful ERP solution with many features that can be custom tailored to your Business needs. Epicor® Enterprise includes Features such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Financial Management, Supply Chain Management, and many more options to help increase the stability and productivity of your company. In the most recent version of Epicor® Enterprise there are over 60 enhancements and many of them were taken and developed by Epicor® directly from Customer input.


Like many other Older or Legacy systems, Epicor® Enterprise is starting to show its age and has become less supported overall. PTS is one of few companies who still provides support for Epicor® Enterprise. Here at PTS we understand upgrading might not be the right choice for your company at this time and we are here to help.


PTS provides all of its services to any companies who are running Epicor® Enterprise. That includes Consulting, Training, Development, System Admin., and Help Desk support. Not to mention we also provide upgrades when the time is right for you!



Epicor® Prophet 21


Epicor® Prophet 21 is a Fantastic ERP Solution for distributors. With this all in one software you can manage your Orders and Warehouses for your Supply Chains very easily.  A long list of features along with the ability to manage your Inventory are all out of the box and work hand in hand to keep your business running smoothly and more efficiently.


There are many features available for you to use in Epicor® Prophet 21 such as Warehouse Management with real-time control, Order Management with order entry, Financial Management, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Epicor® Prophet 21 takes the ease of a Windows based format to help with the learning process of the new software. There are also many modules available to help personalize what your company may need compared to another. All of this along with the versatility of SQL Server database, you can easily adapt your company to trends and changes in the market.