At what point can I assign a serial number to a part?

System assigned serial numbers occur at:

  • Time of receiving – this can be on or off
  • Time of work order/traveler creation – this can be on or off
  • If the job requires 5, then the system will auto generate 5 unique serial numbers
  • Shop users in MES will then put the product away after the operation/operations are completed
  • Then later the picker will pull the product from stock and see a screen that shows the 5 generated serial numbers and decide which ones they are pulling
  • Typically, the serial # would be labeled/tagged or perhaps stenciled on the part itself
  • So, the picker is confirming the physical serial # to the list of 5 serial number choices to designate which one or ones are being pulled
  • Both are driven based on if the part record checkbox for serialization is on or not
  • And the serial “mask” format is selected on the part record as well