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Drop Down Parameters for a BAQ

Creating Dropdown Parameters in a BAQ In this example I will be telling you how to create a BAQ in Epicor version 10 that has a drop down parameter. The first step is to create your main query BAQ, in this example I create a Part BAQ. I am saving this as a Shared BAQ […]

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How Does Epicor Work?

How Does Epicor ERP Work? Epicor® is the most popular enterprise resource planning software available, available in 30 languages and used in more than 150 countries across the world. The system is available in several versions, each consisting of several modules from which companies can choose. The result is a customizable, yet easy-to-use interface that […]

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Why Should I Switch to Epicor?

Why Should I Switch to Epicor? Enterprise resource planning software is a powerful tool for businesses. Providing comprehensive, customizable business management on a single platform. The applications you need to run your business —  everything from sales and marketing to human resources — can run through the ERP. Putting an ERP in place eliminates inefficiencies […]

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