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The Power of Dashboards

With the power of Epicor’s® dashboards, it’s possible to display advanced CAD drawings right in the dashboard itself.  Not only that, but since Epicor® lets you put dashboards inside their screens, you can essentially display an attachment (like a CAD drawing) in any Epicor® screen!  Remember, any dashboard can be placed in any screen.  So […]

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Epicor 10 BAQ Improvements

Epicor®10 has brought about countless improvements.  Along with those improvements came some changes to BAQs.  One of which is how BAQs get the LAST record in a table or the FIRST record in a table (i.e. FIND-FIRST, FIND-LAST).  Previously (on Epicor® 8 and 9), it was a toggle selection on a table, but now there […]

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