PTS is a 2-year-old SYSPRO partner with technical skills and experience who is looking for a relationship with another SYSPRO partner for which we can provide development services at an attractive rate.

Moreover, we are looking for a relationship with a business who has SYSPRO implementation/consulting experience for which we can hire from time to time when this need surfaces outside of our SYSPRO development skill set.

Could I have a conversation about this your business owner?

The PTS employee who is a certified SYSPRO tech/developer has the skills of: 5 years ERP, C#, VB.NET, .NET,, SQL scripting, Workflow, customization’s, dashboards, reports, SSRS, SRS, Crystal, Bartender/labels, been to the users group, been to corporate SYSPRO, multiple customer engagements, etc…

Independents – here is a chance to connect to a business who can fulfill your SYSPRO technical requirements at a VERY competitive rate. 
Call me to learn more. 
Jim Chance