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Epicor® ERP has become an industry-leading service for manufacturers and many other industries. Practical Technology Solutions is a leading independent professional services provider of business support and consulting solutions for brands using Epicor® professional services. Whether you need help with implementation, customization, staff training, administration, operational optimization, upgrades or maintenance, we have the management and development skills to get your business running right. Ask us about our Epicor®, Epicor® Avante, Epicor® Enterprise, Epicor® Prophet 21, Epicor® Hosting services and much more!

Why We Support Epicor®

The system provides specific global enterprise development tools that facilitate growth in both cloud and on-premise deployments. Our customers have seen significant success with its services, but they also run into issues that need a specific, tailored approach to resolve. That’s why PTS has created a full suite of independent professional services that allow you to implement new modules, move between versions, train your team, customize the platform or perform a full system audit to better understand where software development can help you grow. 

How Does PTS Help You Grow?

PTS offers your company independent problem-solving capabilities to achieve your goals. We’ll help you with affordable training, consulting and support tools that are designed specifically for companies of varying sizes. We’ve been providing independent support and services for businesses large and small since 1997. Our staff has more than 210+ combined years of experience, allowing us to offer services that no other independent consulting firms can, whether here in the U.S. or anywhere else around the world. Our consultants hold a variety of certifications and qualifications, including many who are 9.05 certified, so you can rest assured that we can properly apply, update and manage the system you rely on.

Your Independent Epicor® ERP Resource

Epicor® Consulting

PTS provides best-in-class support, customization services, integration, development and programming services for Epicor® 9, Epicor® 10, Epicor® Vantage, Epicor® Avante, Epicor® Enterprise, Epicor® Prophet 21, and Epicor® Hosting ERP systems. Contact us now to learn more!

Epicor® Development

You’ve found an amazing resource for custom development. We have skills for SSRS, BPMs, BAQs, C#, VB.NET, Product Configurator, Service Connect, Progress ABL, Customizations, Crystal reports, workflows and more. PTS has worked with numerous database types and software systems since 1997.

Epicor® Training

PTS offers customized training for your staff based on their roles in the organization. Training can be on-site, off-site, or web-based. We can even train you using your own data to maximize learning.

652 Customers
22 Years in Business
217 Team Yrs ERP
62 Installs/Upgrades
4802 Application Solutions

Epicor® Services

PTS offers a wide range of services to help you get the most out of your software platform, no matter what business you are in. This includes support, project management consulting, systems administration, implementation, training, development and help with your upgrades, as well as service and support.

Implementation and Upgrades

PTS has performed countless implementations and upgrades for companies large and small across a wide variety of industries, from manufacturing and electronics to medical devices and automotive supplies. We can easily provide your new system install or upgrade quickly and efficiently so you can start benefiting right away.


Our expert consultants offer specific onsite and remote training designed to help your company make the most out of your ERP. Get help with problems and system confusion with specific training and a fully documented process that gives your team a quick reference for future success. PTS offers personalized training to suit your company’s needs. Our training is customized so your employees learn the software the way your company is going to use it, with concrete examples using your company’s own data. We offer complete training so you can be confident that at the completion of the training, your workers will be fully conversant. Training topics include Inventory Management, Project Management, Time & Expense Management and much more, with each session taking only a matter of hours.


Need custom solutions or dashboards to better understand your business at a glance? Our expert development teams can create dashboards, updateable dashboards, customized dashboards, C# code, VB.NET, .NET, Crystal Reports, SSRS, system customizations, BPMs and much more, all designed to provide clarity.

We have provided services to over 400 customers on 4 continents

New Implementations, Major Upgrades & Legacy Migrations, Business Process Improvements, General Ad Hoc Consulting and Product.

Business Process Optimization, System/environment Audits, Business Activity Queries, Business Process Management, Trackers, Dashboards and Business Intelligence Data Warehousing.

End User Training and General Level 1 & 2 Help Desk.

Custom Development, C#, Service Connect, Customizations, Custom workflows, Product Configurator, SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services Service), Crystal reports, Advanced Business Tools, Data Conversions and Systems Consulting.


Make sure your systems are working properly and best-fit to your industry. An international parts manufacturer has a much different business model than a local repair facility or distributor. Turn to PTS for that custom fit for improved visibility and operational efficiency.


If you encounter problems, you want someone knowledgeable in your corner to help you resolve them quickly. That’s why PTS provides you with an independent Epicor® consultant, many of whom are 9.05 certified, meaning you can trust their expertise. We make sure our experts are current on the latest installations and upgrades so they will always know best how to help you. Our consulting services go well beyond simple implementation and training. You will benefit from our more than 210 years of combined experiences. We offer continuing support on all versions, from Vantage® to Epicor® 9 and Epicor® 10.


Support for your software benefits you in a number of different ways. Since we are an independent service provider, we understand the benefits for a variety of different businesses. We know how best to implement the software for you and what problems may arise. Whether you’re using the ERP for manufacturing, enterprise or anything in between our support team will guide you with custom dashboards and development tools.

And Much More

We want to help you achieve all of the ERP benefits available for a company of your size, with training to make those wins last long after our support ends. From large scale operations to a local machine shop, we’ll build a custom support program for you to deliver unparalleled results. Find out more, today.


“We don’t have a traditional IT department…… I’ve worked with a few different consultants over the last 3 years, after I found Practical Technical Solutions (An independent professional services provider), I will always go to them first with a need. They got to my projects in short order, knew exactly what I was talking about most of the time and if they didn’t, it was easy to explain to them what I needed. The rate is better and the work is more efficient than I have found elsewhere. I would highly recommend PTS (An independent professional services provider) to anyone using Epicor®.”

— Dudek & Bock • Steel Manufacturing Industry

“We have used PTS for several of our Epicor® needs.  They have helped with our Epicor® implementation through training of our staff.  They have also helped with more technical aspects such as helping us set-up a secondary application server.  I have found PTS to be extremely knowledgeable and professional, and quick to help when needed.”

— Seymour Tubing Inc. • Tubing Components Industry

“The other service we used from PTS was a training session that lasted a few days on site. We used one of their trainers, Jeremy, who was very talented in Epicor® but also had a naturally good communication style about him. He taught a few of our people the basics of writing Crystal Reports out of Epicor®. We plan on using PTS as a resource in Epicor® as we move forward.”

— Precision Marshall Steel Company • Steel Manufacturing Industry

“General Formulations is a mid-sized manufacturing company currently using Epicor® for our manufacturing system. We have used PTS for a number of tasks including custom SSRS reports, custom dashboards, BPM’s, and Go Live Support. I have found PTS knowledgeable, talented and extremely capable in the work that they have done for our company. I have worked with Jim, Sam, Jarrad, and Glenn and found them all to be consummate professionals with great attitude and ability. I can recommend PTS with the greatest confidence to anyone looking for top-notch help in implementation and customization of Epicor®.”


“I do want to say I have been very impressed with PTS and in helping us deal with this problem. (Our consultant) has been great and I know he hasn’t been alone in assisting us on this. Your help is greatly appreciated, and PTS is a great partner.”

— General Formulations • Pressure Sensitive Films Industry

“So far Jim and a group from PTS have come in to do a CRP/training session for two days that was extremely helpful. They have also developed and installed a customized program to assist in automated Order Entry and processing, shipment entry and processing, and have developed customized SSRS reports. They have always addressed our concerns in a timely manner, and are very conscientious about costs, and very detailed in their work. 

I definitely recommend PTS as a partner for Epicor® technical services and continue to use them. I only wish I had found them sooner. I will continue to go to them for enhancements, training and consulting as there is no doubt they will help us maximize our investment and minimize our time spent implementing various Epicor® solutions.” 

— Unique Sports Products, Inc. • Sporting Goods Industry

“Morton Manufacturing utilizes Epicor® for MRP functionality. PTS helped us through projects when we ran into roadblocks.  Their advanced expertise was more than enough for the problems and concerns we were facing.  They are well versed in visual basic and C# and they completed our projects very quickly.

The results of their work were exactly what we wanted, and allowed us to continue moving forward.  We haven’t had any problems and we plan to use PTS again in the future.”

— Morton Manufacturing • Aerospace Industry